About Me


Making rosaries, to  me, is a way to follow the  journey of Christ’s life, and makes me feel like I am part of that.  But more than that, it gives me an inner peace-just the handling of each bead, as it passes through my hand, while in prayer, makes me think of all of the suffering Christ did for us.  Being semi-retired, I plan on following my dream of working with my hands and creating beautiful rosaries and jewelry.

All of my products are handcrafted by me.

The rosaries are made from 6mm or 8mm diameter beads (Swarovski crystal or natural stone beads.)  Natural stone beads, usually, are not perfect in their shape and some have small imperfections (but that is the nature of natural stone.)   All of my products may vary a little as to length; I try and include the average length of the jewelry and rosaries. All products are made of a base metal, pewter, sterling silver or gold. I will specify which rosary contains pewter, sterling silver, or gold.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are not happy with any of my products, please return the products(s) and I will refund your money and the same postage it took to send it to you.  No express mailings, please!

       Thank you for your interest in my products!